Traumpalast and IMAX Leonberg will be presented with the ICTA Presentation Excellence Award at German Cinema Convention Kino 2022

Cologne/ New York City – 6th May 2022: the International Cinema Technology Association (ICTA) today announced the presentation of a new award, the ICTA Presentation Excellence Award, at German cinema convention Kino 2022 in Baden Baden. The award will be presented to Heinz Lochmann and Marius Lochmann, the owners and operators of Traumpalast and IMAX Leonberg, on 18th May at 11:30 am.

With the new award ICTA intends to honor cinema operators in Germany who embrace cinema technology and continuously strive towards celebrating the cinema theatre as a social and experiential meeting space, to the benefit of their audiences. Creativity, digital excellence and above the average focus on audiences were further selection criteria.

The winner, Traumpalast and IMAX Leonberg, had been nominated amongst 15 further candidates by members of the International Cinema Technology Association, which counts 240 members around the World. It was selected as the winner by an international selection committee. ICTA International Directors Jan Runge, Cathy Huis in ‘t Veld-Esser, Oliver Pasch und Till Cussmann are delighted about the result and Jan Runge comments on behalf of the ICTA:

“We are delighted that our new award is presented to Heinz Lochmann and Marius Lochmann. When during the pandemic our entire industry came to a standstill Traumpalast and IMAX Leonberg made very positive international headlines: the biggest IMAX screen in the World, their innovative BedCinema offer, an integrated Bowling Center and a high-end restaurant meet the increasingly diverse and sophisticated demands of patrons. The family run Traumpalast group is known for its attention to detail and for developing individual concepts for each auditorium and each of their sites. Heinz and Marius Lochmann thereby embody the values of “showmanship”, which we were so keen to celebrate with this new award.”

Heinz Lochmann and Marius Lochmann are delighted about the award:

“We are very honored to receive this award. Our ambition has always been to operate state of the art cinema technology and to provide our patrons with an unforgettable experience and a feel-good atmosphere. The biggest IMAX-screen in the World, our BedCinema offer, individually designed auditoriums and the innovative bowling center BOWL & CO. deliver ultimate recreational fun. We are very happy that our efforts have been recognized and honored. Thanks to the ICTA for this amazing award”.

HDF KINO e.V. President and CEO Christine Berg congratulates on behalf of the German cinema exhibitors’ association:

“We are delighted that this renown award is now also presented in Germany and would like to extend huge congratulations to Heinz Lochmann and Marius Lochmann for the much deserved recognition. ICTA’s Presentation Excellence Award honors the efforts and ambitions of cinema operators to turn cinemas into very special places of experience. Thank you to all Directors of the ICTA for your support and for launching the award. It will be our pleasure to celebrate the award winners with everyone in Baden-Baden.”

The ICTA Presentation Excellence Award will be presented as part of the German Cinema Convention Kino 2022, on 18th May in Baden-Baden, Germany. It will be presented to the winners at 11:30 am in the auditorium of the congress centre.

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