Ukraine’s MOST KINO Selects CinemaNext’s SPHERA Premium Concept for its Dnipro Venue

MOST KINO to build the largest cinema screen in Ukraine

Dnipro (Ukraine) and Liège (Belgium), 10 February 2022/ CinemaNext, the EMEA specialist in cinema exhibitor services, today announced an agreement with Ukraine’s MOST KINO for the deployment of the SPHERA premium cinema concept in the city of Dnipro.

Scheduled to open this summer, SPHERA at MOST KINO will boast a 26-m wide wall-to-wall screen, making it the largest screen ever built in Ukraine and the biggest SPHERA auditorium designed to date. With 488 luxurious reclining seats, including motorized love seat configurations, it will also feature pristine 4K Laser images, real-time LED ambient lighting panels and Dolby Atmos sound enhanced with proprietary subwoofer solutions delivering heart-pounding effects. SPHERA is part of an ambitious expansion project that will add three new auditoriums to MOST KINO’s existing six-screen cinema complex at the MOST Shopping Mall in Dnipro.

For MOST KINO CEO Inna Ariepeva: “We have built our reputation in the hospitality business on our knowledge and integration of design & technological innovation and drawn from that to create a differentiating experience in our cinemas. From the moment we first experienced SPHERA at the Mall Athens in Greece, it was the obvious choice to offer a moviegoing experience unlike any other. We are excited to have moviegoers discover the first SPHERA in Ukraine and the largest in the world this summer, with its redesigned auditorium geometry that extends the field of view to ensure that audiences are fully immersed in the movie and that every seat in the house is the best.”

“CinemaNext continues to expand its reach by forging partnerships with leading developers and cinema operators around the globe, reinforcing our confidence in the growth opportunities that lie ahead to offer moviegoers new premium experiences,” adds Georges Garic, Chief Executive Officer, CinemaNext. “In these times, premium large formats (PLF), as seen in many recent studies, have proven their value with consumers as a powerful out-of-home entertainment draw, ultimately leading to significantly changed and improved cinema business dynamics.”

“With its state-of-the-art 6-screen complex which also includes a VIP screen, MOST KINO shares in our desire to transform the public’s cinemagoing experience with the most advanced picture and sound technologies, as well as a sophisticated design, making SPHERA the perfect all-in-one premium solution,” says Igor Sydorenko, General Manager of CinemaNext UA.

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SPHERA is a registered trademark of CinemaNext S.A.