Arts Alliance Media Launch New TMS Automation in Screenwriter’s Smartest Software Release to Date

Arts Alliance Media (AAM), the global leader in digital cinema software and support services, has officially launched Screenwriter’s smartest Theatre Management System (TMS) software release to date to reinforce its position as the world’s leading TMS.

As exhibitors look to capitalise on consumers’ renewed passion for the big screen, this landmark Screenwriter update, available exclusively to AAM customers, delivers the means to further fine-tune their daily operations by simplifying tasks, reducing costs, and embracing the art of automation.

With all-new smart transfer technology recognised as the update’s flagship feature, exhibitors can look forward to transferring data simultaneously from multiple sources to ensure content is delivered faster ahead of playback; an optimal process for complexes housing seven or more auditoriums. In addition, Screenwriter will now determine the priority of transfers based on the exhibitors’ upcoming schedule, initiate transfers after the last screening ends, and cancel and restart stagnant transfers, all automatically, helping to ease peak time operations and build efficiency outside of business hours.

Adding to Screenwriter’s impressive repertoire of automated workflows, new auto-delete functionality will help to keep servers organised and operational costs low, removing eligible features, trailers, and adverts, and making space on playback servers for incoming content.

Alan Bowen, GM and CFO at Arts Alliance Media, explained, “since its first release in 2013, we have focused intently on developing pioneering automated workflows that revolutionise theatres’ digital operations, and these progressive TMS enhancements only reaffirm our long-standing position at the forefront of innovation”.

Managed all from one central hub, Screenwriter is responsible for scheduling features, trailers and advertisements, monitoring screens, and controlling playback for over 45,000 screens worldwide, and remains the most powerful, widely deployed TMS in the world. By delivering newfound automation to Screenwriter’s extensive time-saving capabilities, site-level staff can continue to build operational efficiency while gaining the flexibility and freedom to focus on their audiences.

“To drive efficiency and reduce room for error, exhibitors need the tools to work smarter, not harder”, added Bowen. “By streamlining daily content management tasks, staff will have more time to cater to their audiences.”