CV19: the battle for our audiences begins now

In this special digital edition, our clear focus is on the impact of CV19 — and CT’s Alastair Balmain has a positive outlook. we’ve been hurt in the past few months, but cinema is down, not out.


ROLL BACK THE CLOCK SIX months and — in comparison to today — everything in our world was looking pretty peachy. How things change. Who could have predicted that cinema would now be going through a post-apocalyptic drama of its own?
In this issue of Cinema Technology, you will find plenty of reflection on the events of the past few months and inspiring illustrations of how the industry has collectively rallied to support each other, but there is also a fair amount of crystal ball gazing. A word of caution. If we can be certain of one thing now, it’s that predicting the future isn’t as easy as it seems. So here goes…

A glimmer of light in the dark
You cannot have escaped speculation surrounding the Big Return… Here in the UK, a lot seems to be riding on the 4th July, the Government-approved date for a cinematic revival. Personally, I simply can’t envision a mass stampede to cinemas in the middle of the “pandemic summer”, but conversations with friends recently beyond the cinema world (ie real movie-goers) suggest there is reason to be, if not super-confident, then at least quietly optimistic for an encouraging return. Let’s hope so. Just after lockdown was eased this month one friend explained to me that the Big Screen for her and her daughter is one of the things that they have missed the most from their lives — as soon as cinemas reopen they will be in the queue: normal people seeking the magic of the movies. Beyond all the gloom and often irrational fear stoked by social media is the real world. Ignore the Twitter mob for a minute and take a walk in that world and you’ll find people simply want to get on with their lives. I know I do. Cinema is a part of that normality.

A note of thanks
With lives on hold and the universal disruption of the past few months, this magazine has not been unaffected. The team behind CT would like to thank those who have kindly given over their time to write for this issue. Without their input and support — especially from the CTC and Motion Picture Solutions — this digital edition simply would not have come to fruition. Equally, Cinema Technology has always enjoyed the loyal backing of industry supporters and advertisers — to them we extend a particular note of thanks and look forward to their continued support when CT returns in both print and digital formats this September!