Announcement: Comscore Award Winners at ECM2019


The first Comscore Awards Turkey will be presented on Wednesday 20th November at the Emerging Cinema Markets

Conference 2019  in Istanbul. The Comscore Awards recognise the achievements of the people, companies and organisations who work to support, develop and grow the industry.


The gold standard in worldwide box office measurement for film distributors and exhibitors, Comscore is the global source for box office results, polling and long-lead measurement. With vast, reliable insights into performance and innovative analytics solutions to help maximize audiences.


Comscore is a Gold Sponsor of the Emerging Cinema Markets Conference – #ecmistanbul


The Awards are decided by criteria established by Comscore to recognise film and cinema achievements in Turkey. Comscore is proud to present the following awards:




  • Special Award: The Turkish Cinema and Film industries faced many challenges at the end of 2018 onwards. Erkin Yilmaz mediated between all sides to find an effective solution which enabled the implementation of a comprehensive new laws and regulations for the industry in 2019.




  • Distributor of the Season: (Oct 5th,2018 to Oct 3rd 2019) Most cinema tickets sold by a single company:


CINEMA X KILIS – MEMDUH OKUR – to be presented by SİSAY’s President İrfan Demirkol.


  • Cinema Exhibitor of the Year: Working under very difficult conditions in Turkey’s South-Eastern region near the Syria border, this Anatolia theater company kept the cinema business open, trying to help citizens living there and continues to teach the universal language of cinema to the people of the region while at significant personal risk.


CGV Mars Cinema Group – JEONGHUN (MARK) NAH


  • Fastest Growing Cinema Exhibitor of the Year: Turkey has benefitted from the investment in cinemas delivered by CGV Mars Cinema Group who now operate in 108 locations across the country. From November 2018 CG Mars Cinema Group opened 9 new locations with 53 new screens and over 4,000 seats in Bingol, Mardin, Mersin, Bursa, Ankara, İzmir and İstanbul.




  • Local Production of the Season: (Oct 5th, 2018 to Oct 3rd 2019) Most tickets sold to a single film release.


Deniz Yavuz, Turkey Country manager of Comscore said; “We are honoured to be able to present these awards to truly outstanding people and companies working within the Turkish market at ECM2019.Comscore will continue to support Turkey’s Film Industry and contribute to the strengthening and development of local dynamics; and by best using the universal power of cinema. We would like to congratulate all our friends and colleagues who have received awards. And we look forward to celebrating further successes with you in future years.”


Rob Arthur, Co-Founder of DCS Events says, “Turkey has world-class cinema, film and broadcast facilities. As organisers of the Emerging Cinema Markets Conference, Istanbul offers us the opportunity to showcase these facilities to delegates from all over the world. It is important too that we recognise the achievements of our host nation in developing a thriving, innovative and engaging market which is one of the top twenty markets worldwide. We congratulate all of the award winners and wish them every success in their future endeavours”.