Germany’s Filmpalast Kassel Delivers State-of-the-Art Experience with JBL Professional Cinema Audio Solutions

Filmpalast Kassel installs cutting-edge JBL Professional audio system to provide world-class audio in 14 theaters.


KASSEL, Germany—In order to deliver immersive surround-sound experiences for cinemagoers, Filmpalast Kassel equipped 14 theaters with state-of-the-art JBL Professional cinema audio systems.

Located in the heart of Kassel, Filmpalast Kassel’s distinctive architecture and interior design makes it a popular entertainment destination and tourist attraction. The theater includes 15 halls with a total of 1,800 seats, featuring IMAX, 4DX and ScreenX technologies. In order to deliver world-class sound quality, Filmpalast Kassel installed new state-of-the-art JBL Professional cinema audio systems, featuring over 500 JBL loudspeakers and 100 Crown DCI-N amplifiers.


In the Dolby Atmos theaters, Filmpalast Kassel installed JBL 9320 loudspeakers to provide immersive surround sound. JBL 9320 cinema speakers offer high power handling, impressive sensitivity and extended bass response. Custom painted JBL CBT70J loudspeakers provide even, balanced coverage while maintaining the theater’s ornate aesthetic. JBL SCS8 and SCS12 loudspeakers installed on the ceiling deliver class-leading surround sound with precise imaging. Filmpalast Kassel selected Crown DCi-N amplifiers to power the system for their versatile, compact and highly energy-efficient design.

The large halls feature JBL 5732 reference loudspeaker systems to deliver clear, detailed sound in every seat of the auditorium. With wide dynamic range, extended bandwidth and inaudible levels of distortion, JBL 5732 loudspeakers are designed to meet the most demanding needs of today’s premier cinemas. Filmpalast Kassel also installed 10 DSP-steered JBL 4645C subwoofers in each large hall to improve bass distribution and reduce noise bleed through neighboring walls. The system is powered by Crown DCi-N power amplifiers.


Filmpalast Kassel equipped the small and medium-sized halls with the JBL 3732T ScreenArray systems to deliver world-class sound with maximum output, optimal coverage and minimum distortion. Designed for critical film sound reproduction in small to medium cinema environments, 3732T ScreenArray cinema speakers offer extremely uniform frequency response. The system is powered by Crown DCi-N power amplifiers.