NEC launches the quietest digital cinema projector on the market – NEC Display Solutions

As the quietest and most compact projector in the 10,000 lumens segment*, the NC1402L delivers immersive image quality and projection performance for medium-sized venues


Munich, 30 March 2020 – NEC Display Solutions Europe has launched the NC1402L digital cinema projector, combining powerful imaging and quiet operation for the most immersive cinema experiences. Running at just 49dB, the almost silent projector causes low noise disturbance for audiences and is also ideal for venues like mobile and boothless cinemas.


Built on the latest laser light source technology, the NC1402L delivers crisp colours and premium quality imaging. It operates with a sealed optical engine, minimising dust ingress for the best image with no special maintenance required.


The NC1402L is highly flexible, without needing a special exhaust system. Compact in design, it’s easy to install and suitable for ceiling, floor or mobile applications in mid-sized theatres with screen sizes up to 14m wide.


With no lamp or filter replacement costs, the NC1402L offers maintenance-free operation and low, eco-friendly power consumption. In addition, by using laser light source technology the projector achieves a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours under normal usage conditions. As a result, theatre operators can benefit from a reduced overall total operational cost and a greater per seat revenue.


Gerd Kaiser, Senior Product Manager at NEC Display Solutions Europe, said: “How audiences consume their entertainment is constantly changing. Cinema operators need to stay agile, with projection equipment that is compact so it’s easily installed and transported while still being highly performant. The NC1402L cinema projector delivers this, with quiet operation and reduced maintenance costs. Both operators and audiences are assured a great experience and value for money.”


The NC1402L digital cinema projector will be available from May 2020.


For more information, visit the NEC Display Solutions microsite for Cinema solutions.


Source: NEC launches the quietest digital cinema projector on the market – NEC Display Solutions