March 2020 editon of Cinema Technology Magazine now availble online

Cinema Technology — March 2020 now available FREE online, in this edition:
The rising dominance of online gaming and the popularity of eSports events represents both a challenge and an opportunity for those in the cinema business. In the March 2020 issue of Cinema Technology, we look at the nature of the market and how many are adapting to attract gamers to their venues. Plus, building a cinema in just six weeks? How anything is possible when the will is there — we review the realities of the booming Saudi Arabia cinema market.

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Peter Knight is the Commissioning Editor for the Cinema Technology Magazine, along with the Managing Editor for the Mad Cornish Projectionist website. He is still a working projectionist and AV technician with an interest in all things projected both in traditional cinema and elsewhere too. Peter has been running his own business since 2017.

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