Eclair Announces Deployment of its Theatrical Delivery Solutions in Brazil with Digital Cinema Integrator Quanta | Eclair


Paris (France) and São Paulo (Brazil) – 8 January 2020/ Eclair, a leader in content services for the motion picture and television industries (Ymagis Group – FR0011471291, MAGIS, PEA-PME), today announced an agreement with São Paulo-based Quanta for the deployment of Eclair’s broadband network and digital content delivery solutions, including its innovative EclairPlay content delivery platform, across Brazil. The joint service offering has been designed to meet the needs of film producers, distributors and cinema exhibitors in Brazil seeking an alternative full-service digital content distribution & broadband delivery network, including mastering & trailer services, KDM management and content delivery to cinemas around the country.


“We are delighted to be partnering with Quanta, a major player in the digital conversion of cinemas in Brazil, to launch this unparalleled end-to-end theatrical delivery service for distributors and cinema exhibitors,” says Yves Gringuillard, Managing Director of Eclair Theatrical Services. “With Quanta’s broad client base and Eclair’s innovative and cost-efficient digital content delivery solutions, we are very confident in our potential to become a key player in theatrical delivery in Latin America.”


For Luiz Fernando Morau, Director of Business Development for Quanta, “We are proud to be working together to develop the network and deploy Eclair’s smart broadband and digital delivery solutions in Brazil. The content is delivered securely and on-time, and Eclair’s technical expertise ensures maximum efficiency. With its proven track record, their state-of-the-art distribution software and platforms are an ideal solution for the Brazilian market.”


Well known for its VPF activities in Brazil, Quanta also provides production and post-production services, film production studios, the largest and most complete selection of rental products available, as well as a store with photographic production equipment, studios, broadcast, film, interactive art design, in-camera VFX, integrated Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, audio, video, projection, lighting and advertising solutions.


Specifically designed for cinema exhibitors, distributors, sales agents and film festivals, the EclairPlay content download platform provides cinemas access to a growing range of DCP content available for download via broadband network, as well as all the tools and content marketing materials necessary for successful programming and audience building in just a few clicks. It is currently available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Denmark, and shortly in Norway and Turkey. EclairPlay is also designed to support content owners in building awareness of their overall brand, beyond any given single title, through dedicated collections, highlighted placements and strategic exposure for content as well as marketing assets and kits.

Source: Eclair | Eclair Announces Deployment of its Theatrical Delivery Solutions in Brazil with Digital Cinema Integrator Quanta