3D Captures Market Share in Emerging Cinema Markets

Information released at the Emerging Cinema Markets Conference, Istanbul (Nov 19th – 21st), by RealD highlights the significant impact that 3D continues to have across the world, especially in new territories.


Emerging Cinema Markets are opening up new cinemas with the latest projection, sound, laser and lighting technology and coupled with the youthful age demographic creates a perfect storm for 3D!


The 3D % by Market in 2019 for movies released with a 3D format available – as verified by Comscore are in Emerging markets includes:

Moldova 99.8%
Uzbekistan 98.4%
Tajikistan 97.7%
Kyrgyzstan 94.2%
Georgia 90.7%
Azerbaijan 90.4%
China 87.5%
Turkmenistan 87.0%
Mozambique 81.9%
Belarus 61.2%
Turkey 56.6%


3D % of Box Office Films released with a 3D Format Available (29/10/18 – 28/10/19) -Comscore


John Trafford-Owen, Managing Director of RealD EMEAR, said: “We would like to thank the ECM Conference for allowing us to be part of the event this year. 3D is such an important premium, helping exhibitors to maximise revenues and offer customers a true differentiation from any experience they can have in their own homes. As the data shows, 3D can work in every territory and at RealD we want to help support the efforts of those emerging markets to ensure that the experience they provide is second to none and help sustain that growth and success.”


Rob Arthur, Co-Founder of DCS Events says, “The Emerging Cinema Markets Conference, Istanbul showcased 3D and highlighted that in Emerging Cinema Markets all stakeholders have to think differently. It is the new frontier”.