Technology’s place in movie-going experiences

Traditionally, the term “technology” would have been associated with the auditorium, writes CTC (Cinema Technology Community) president Richard Mitchell, but today, technology plays a part in the entire movie-going experience from the moment the movie-goer makes a conscious decision to head to the cinema right through to the point at which they leave the building after seeing a movie.

Technology, far from being just an enabler, can help cinema operators
to drive big operational efficiencies, add incremental revenue and indeed improve their overall profitability all whilst enhancing the movie-going experience for the consumer.

This March, CTC will be working in partnership with the UKCA to deliver a range of sessions covering various technology topics at the UKCA conference in London. Being held at Vue Westfield, White City, on 5-6 March, the subjects under discussion will range from e-ticketing, digital signage and lobby design right through to the premium auditorium experiences.

It is premium experiences that are helping exhibitors to create true differentiation and to generate their additional box office revenue. Whilst premium may, to some, mean better quality concessions, in-theatre dining, reclining seats or even beds, it is important to remember that it is the auditorium technology that creates an enormous buzz amongst the movie-goers. This was highlighted in a recent research paper published by National CineMedia, a US cinema advertising company. In a similar vein, this month CTC will be publishing its new 40-page guide to premium cinema formats providing an insight in to the various auditorium formats deployed around the world.

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