LTI to launch six new xenon lamp models at CinemaCon

Las Vegas, USA – Lighting Technologies International (LTI) is pleased to announce the release of six new xenon lamp models at the CinemaCon conference and exhibition in Las Vegas. These models include the XDC-1600B, XDC-2500B and XDC-7000B for Barco digital cinema projectors, the XDC 6500BI2 for IMAX Gen III projectors and the XDC-2100C and XDC-2300C for Christie digital cinema projectors.

All LTI digital cinema xenon lamps are especially designed for the demanding requirements of today’s digital cinema projectors. Their high light output ensures optimum on-screen brightness, while a proprietary electrode design ensures high arc stability for sharp digital pictures. Long lifetimes and a highly robust design ensure lowest Total Cost of Ownership for digital cinema. Each lamp is customized per projector model to ensure the best performance.