AMC Theatres selects Arts Alliance Media for TMS Refresh

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) has been selected by AMC Theatres to manage approximately 2,600 digital cinema screens in the USA using their Screenwriter Theatre Management System (TMS). Screenwriter will provide a foundation for AMC to achieve a greater automation of its digital cinema operations.
With the end of the Virtual Print Fee (VPF) programs, it allows for the beginning of a technology refresh in cinema. Mark Latimer, Vice President, Sight, and Sound at AMC said that “AAM and AMC share a very similar vision for the future of digital cinema, it was no surprise that they could deliver what we needed – a solution that undertakes the core tasks of a TMS, but also offers significant additional value and provides the foundations for future innovation”.
With over 75 million shows successfully delivered to screens a year, Screenwriter is one of the world’s most widely deployed TMSs.
Screenwriter will give AMC complete visibility and control over content, KDMs (Key Delivery Messages), and real-time playback information from all screens, allowing for any problems to be spotted and resolved quickly and easily.